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Complete Guide to JoinPD

Do you want to change the way you teach? Students get tired of the same teaching method and a slight twist can capture their attention and increase their interest.

Here is a reputable platform JoinPD that connects the teachers with their students. Teachers are now capable of making their lessons more interactive or they can also track student progress.

Gone are the days of passive learning, joinpd bots have revolutionized your classroom or provided an exciting student-teacher journey.

In this guide, you will come to know everything about this platform which will explain how effective this platform is.

What Is JoinPD?

“JoinPD is a cutting-edge or highly professional program that is designed for teachers, students, or overall educational platforms.”

Using different tools or skills in your educational landscape is very important nowadays. It has become the need of the present time.

This is why the platform is beneficial for teachers or different educational institutes. This program is designed using advanced technology to introduce different courses or educational tools to improve learning as well as teaching experience.

It is human nature to get irritated by the consistency of work. You will definitely have access to different innovative approaches or techniques that change your teaching style whenever you want. This focus on collaborative learning and continuous assistance set this platform apart from others.

With that, it provides a strong connection between you and those professionals who are enthusiastic about transforming education. Several courses or engaging resources are key to this platform that set it apart from rivals.

Want to grow or do you want more success this platform becomes essential for everyone seeking a way to increase their development opportunities. It is a most beneficial platform that transforms your career. It fulfills your requirements whether you are an education professional, a teacher, or an administrator.

Pear Deck Features:

Joinpd bots provide links between teachers and students. Teachers can communicate with students and see the dect live to observe the performance of students by getting their responses. Joinpd teacher login helps teachers to present their presentations directly from a laptop or tablet easily by logging in to their portals.

Here are some of the best features Pear Deck provides:


Draggable is the most exciting feature that JoinPD offers. Different interactive elements or fun make your presentation attractive or professional. This feature makes your presentation interactive for everyone.

When you make a presentation, try to add drag-and-drop elements like text boxes, pictures, or shapes to your slides. Whether in the classroom or in a virtual environment, this feature makes it convenient to drag and drop ideas, thoughts, pictures, or responses to your presentation.

If you want to promote active learning, a draggable facility is essential because when you add different sections in your presentation or label the diagrams, students can understand the lecture easily. They take more interest enthusiastically in discussions which flourishes knowledge.


Text features help the teachers differently.

  • Helps teachers to create easy or engaging lessons for students
  • For providing information, questions, and instructions to students, it offers to deliver lessons with the help of text boxes, labels, and other text elements
  • Text boxes make it easy for teachers to deliver their lessons by highlighting the text boxes so the students can understand each term or topic clearly
  • Joinpd quiz makes the environment educational by making quiz sections in the lesson
  • Textboxes are used to add subtitles or captions to videos

Text features engage students deeply in the learning process by using interesting features in presentations. Teachers can join this program with JoinPD teacher login and can use it to present information and ask answers to questions.


Say goodbye to changing web pages which is a time-consuming task. Joinpd code provides a more efficient and engaging classroom experience by gathering them in a group discussion.

Obviously, people get tired and puzzled when they have to switch between different tabs constantly. JoinPD here is a helping hand for them when it introduces a web feature.

This feature helps to incorporate the different web-based resources directly into your slides. This feature lets your students access different information or resources while staying on the Pear Deck lesson.

Teachers can easily copy the website URL and paste it into your slide. In this way, students can easily go to your suggested website without leaving a Pear Deck slide because this program automatically generates a preview of the website in seconds. Moreover, you can adjust the size or position of the content fit to your slides to present a clear view.


Teachers who are looking for a method to create dynamic lessons must choose a platform where they can use different elements to create professional lesson slides. Students are bound to participate in the lesson process.

Teachers use this feature in their lesson slides to allow the students to draw, write, or change the data of slides. This shows the thoughts of students and the teacher examines how effectively his lesson proves beneficial for students.

Moreover, teachers allow students to label the diagrams or different images. In this way, they clarify their confusion in understanding the images.

This feature is most beneficial for solving math problems wisely. This digital platform allows them to solve these problems using the slides online.

Those facing problems in solving mathematical riddles or equations must JoinPD bots to discuss with mentors to find out the ways to solve them easily.

Multiple Choice:

The multiple-choice option in Pear Deck is a big improvement for checking what students know and getting them more involved in learning.

Teachers prepare this session by asking questions with four possible answers on this digital platform. When students answer these questions, teachers can see how they’re doing right away. This helps teachers give useful advice to students so they can see how they’re doing and know what they need to work on. Whether you teach young kids or college students, this feature will change how you check what students know, get them interested in learning, and give them the help they need to do well.


For those who want to create interactive or engaging classrooms for students, “number” feature is superb for them.

By taking part in the Join quiz session, teachers observe the comprehension level of their pupils by asking several questions.

Different numerical answers on the dashboard help the teacher to examine the student’s perspective.

This insight helps you to understand whether your teaching method is beneficial for students or not. In a case of misconception, you can correct it.

Students start to think critically and use their hidden skills to solve problems.

In short, JoinPD provides a fun platform where teachers can modify their ways of presenting lessons or it excites the students to actively participate in educational activities like quiz sessions, group discussions or editing the lesson slides. This polishes their knowledge and helps them to overcome their weaknesses.

People Also Ask:

How do I join Pear Deck?

JoinPD is playing the role of a game changer. Whether you are doing remote learning or you are taking classes, this platform adds fun or spice in your learning process.

It is a time to dive into the wonderful world Pear Deck has made to smoothen the student-teacher journey.

Create your JoinPD account:

  • First, visit the official website.
  • After finding the website select the “Join teacher login” option.
  • This will ask some questions once you log in to your Microsoft Office 365 account or Google account
  • Finally, install the Pear Deck for Online PowerPoint Add-in. You can also install the Pear Deck for Google Slides add-on.

Create your slides:

Pear Deck helps teachers with ways to make slides. Teachers can make lesson slides in Google or they can prepare their presentations in PowerPoint online. This platform helps teachers in both ways.

How to log in as a Teacher on JoinPD?

Being a teacher, you have the authority to allow students to join your session or not. Here students join your sessions with their email accounts.

You must wisely set login settings because once you choose a setting that will be applied to all future sessions. If you allow anonymous joining, then you cannot access their identities in any future sessions.

However, you can modify the login settings according to your requirements. If you want to know about the student’s email addresses and names, you can enable student login.

If you are a teacher or want to JoinPD here are different steps you must follow:

  • Visit the official website
  • Press the “Log in” button from the right corner of the page
  • Enter your email address and password
  • Click the “Log in” option.

After login, you can create your lesson according to your choice. You can see all the features or tools on the dashboard. Now it’s your time to select the subject and use the tools to give benefits to your students with your knowledge.

How to log in as a Student on JoinPD?

Students can log in on JoinPD by following these steps:

  • Open the official website at
  • Enter the join code or session link your teacher provided you
  • you will need to use your email address if your teacher restricts you from joining via email
  • Click on the “Join” button

What is the Pear Deck Join Code?

Joinpd call codes are codes through which students can get all their teacher’s lessons. They can easily find or join all sessions of their teachers if they know about their specific codes.

Students can view the slides only when they enter the code. It allows them to join all the activities of the peak deck.

How to Create a JoinPD code?

It is quite simple to create a JoinPD code:

  • Open the joinpd website first.
  • log in to your teacher account
  • Now click the “Create” button
  • Choose the lesson type
  • Give a specific title or description to your Pear Deck lesson
  • Click the “Create” button.
  • You will get a joinpd code

Is Pear Deck an Interactive Platform? 

Of course, this platform gives a new innovative approach to lesson planning. This provides different features or techniques to prepare their lesson slides for students. Moreover, you can use this cloud-based program on all devices.

How to get the most out of Joinpd?

Pear Deck provides different elements such as open-ended questions, MCQs, drawing tools, and drag-and-drop activities. These elements help to maintain an engaging learning environment. It creates ease for teachers to create their lessons carefully and use all elements according to the subject as well as students’ demands.


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