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The Longest Discord Call? And How It’s Proved

Discord is a social platform that offers chat, voice call or voice chat facilities and offers several features to entice people. These features help them to communicate with each other smoothly. Users can freely talk on call or chat with other discord users easily.

Different users test its features in several ways before using it. Recording is one of the most common ways a user tests the call. This test is essential for knowing the longest discord call ever.

In this article, we will talk about the world record for the longest discord call and analyze how it is proven.

Let’s start!

Longest Discord Call:

People want to know about the longest discord call. It is quite interesting that they make different efforts which help them to test the different software. 20,000-hour-long discord call is an impossible task but when it is experienced on this platform then the outcome is the discord’s extreme functionality.

The longest discord call world record 2023 is 20,000 hour long calls which is possible on discord software only. This app can easily handle these long-duration calls.

Now, it’s time to prove it!

How Was the Longest Call on Discord Recorded?

We have only one proof of the world’s longest discord call in which the profile wrote down everything that happened during the phone call and saved it. The person kept noting the times to show how long the call lasted.

How Long Can a Discord Call Be?

Discord call has no limit. No one can guess about the longest discord call ever. This is basically an online call where people constantly join the call. The discord call never ends even if there remains only one member. It is quite important that your phone or computer must be of an updated version that supports discord calls.

How Do You Make a Discord Call?

Making discord calls is not difficult at all. You must know the usage of this app properly. There are two basic ways to make a discord call. You can call directly from DMs or you can make calls using a voice channel in an existing server.

Here are different steps to make a world record for the longest discord call:

  • Navigate your friend to their DM before starting a call with him/her
  • You will a call icon at the top of the chatbox just click on it to start a call
  • When you tap on the call icon your call will be started. When the other person picks up the call your communication duration will start

Instead, if you want to call on a voice channel, then there is a different procedure for it:

  • Go to a voice channel in a server and join this channel first
  • The call will be started when a user joins the channel

Remember if the 1st user leaves the call but there is another student who has joined the call then the call won’t be disconnected and will make it the world’s longest discord call.

Discord Limits Explained: 


Discord is a software that allows its users to create up to 500 channels on a server. These channels can be voice channels or text channels. The purpose of this limit is to ensure that the server will not cause any technical problems and that it will be easy to track.


Categories refer to group-related channels together. Discord is one of the top software that allows users to create 50 categories on a server. This is the most important feature of this online software which keeps the server organized or accessible.

But, if you use a ticket system that makes new channels in one group, you’ll soon reach the limit of 50 channels per group.

Public & Private Threads:

In 2021, discord introduced the concept of the thread. This concept allows the users to have a satisfying conversation with your channel’s friend. There are two types of threads: one is public threads which are visible to everyone on the server available at the spot, private threads on the other hand, are also similar to public threads but are not visible to all members. Only the discord admins or invited persons can see these threads.

Discord is also like other channels which allows 1000 active threads. You can save as many conversation histories as you need, which makes using threads very useful for a Discord ticket system. If you remain inactive for 1, 3, or 7 days your threads will be archived automatically. It’s very unlikely that you’ll have problems with limits.

Private threads on the other hand are more secure and don’t create any panic situation like ticket tools because for ticket tools it is necessary to create a new channel for every ticket.

The Problem With Existing Discord Ticket Tools:

Ticketing tools make a new channel for each ticket. This situation can create a problem because discord channels have limits that are already mentioned. Remember when you create a ticket, a new channel will be created. This creation eats your available channel limit.

At that time customer support teams help users resolve these issues otherwise users will face problems knowing about the longest discord call world record.

They delete the unnecessary caches or unresolved tickets. If the issue is severe then these support teams create new servers that fulfill your needs.

How to Overcome the Ticket Channel Limit In Discord?

‍As we discussed all the challenges, the one conclusion of all the problems is to use private threads in Discord. These threads keep you safe from the issues public threads cause by creating lots of new tickets.

This means customer support teams can help lots of people without facing problems with ticket limits, which can upset users.

Things You Should Know About Discord Calls:

These calls are quite beneficial and PCWorld staff use these calls on a regular basis during our off-hours.

To know about all the information or details is quite necessary before using a service, so there you will find some key points to help you understand everything better.

  • The end-to-end encryption feature is not available on Discord for voice and video calls. You can make the longest discord call world record but these are not safe. If you want security then you must choose WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Signal, or the like.
  • There is no time limit in discord calls where the world record for the longest discord call is possible. You can call as long as you want. But remember this discord call is impossible until the people join it.
  • Your call will be disconnected after a short time if no one joins the call
  •  You can show your screen or play a game for others during a call at 720p/30fps without paying extra. But for better quality like higher resolutions and 60fps, you’ll need to subscribe to Discord Nitro.
  • Different video call backgrounds are available unlike other apps but those who are standard Discord users always choose eight presets and a blur option. If you want a custom background then you must get a Nitro subscription
  • You or your friends can face speaking issues so if you face this issue, fix it by verifying whether your output or input device connection is ok or not.
  • While using Discord these problems are common.


The longest Discord call world record 2023 which has ever been made is 20,000 hours long. If you count these hours then it becomes 833 days.

A person on Twitter made this call. They proved it by showing the times it happened on their Twitter profile.

However, no one has time to break the longest discord call world record at all. But the above-mentioned world record is enough to show the functionality of the Discord app.


What is the max Discord call time?

There are no time restrictions for Discord calls. You can call your friends as long as you want to talk to them. But this call will only be connected in a situation when there is another member joining the call otherwise you can’t stay on the call or it will be disconnected automatically.

How do I find out how long a Discord call was?

It is very easy to track time in Discord.

  • Download the Time app or install it on your device first
  • Time will start as you will start talking on-call
  • This time-tracking app will automatically track your call duration which you spent by talking with others in Discord.

Does Discord have a limit?

Unlike other softwares this app also has a limit. Users can only make 500 channels on a server including voice and text channels and categories. This limit is for the server to work in an organized way or it will be easy to navigate it easily.

Can a Discord server have 1 million members?

MidJourney users are part of the main Discord server. This server got really big so fast that it reached Discord’s old limit of about 1 million users per server.


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