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The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide How to Use TikTok In 2024

Do you get annoyed with the feeling when you don’t know how to use TikTok or how to work TikTok? If yes, then do not worry! These are some situations that make you overwhelmed.

The users of TikTok are outside Gen Z, this is the reason why most users are confused by how the app works.

The purpose of this article is to make the users able to know about this app with step by step TikTok guide.

What’s Tiktok?

Before delving into the process of using TikTok, it is very important to know what is Tiktok.

Perhaps, you don’t know about this app because you don’t use it. Relax, we will talk about it which definitely help you to know about it.

TikTok is a social media platform and people use this video-sharing app to make small videos and upload them on this platform. A Chinese company ‘Bytedance’ owned this app and its name was In 2016, they changed the name of this app to TikTok.

It has become the most trending app because approximately 1 billion active users are using TikTok in a month. It is the favorite social media platform of all ages. During the pandemic, this social media platform gained more success. People had nothing to do so this app was only the source of entertainment for them.

Unique TikTok Features:

If you don’t know How to use TikTok? You will come to know here that it offers several features to its users for entertainment purposes.

  • Make it easy for users to access thousands of popular free music
  • Emoji, filter, or sticker features made this platform more interesting in making your video stand out
  • It offers free of cost video editing tool
  • You are provided with infinite free videos to inspire you with your next one
  • TikTok app is available in 154 countries and 39 languages and forms a global community

Getting Started with TikTok:

Want to know how to start TikTok? Let’s get down to the guide below!

Creating A TikTok Account:

Tiktok Signup

First, you must install this app from the Google Play Store. After installing, when you open the app, it will start displaying videos on the app. You can watch videos even without signing the account.

But if you want to make videos, then you need to create a TikTok account. You can sign up for your TikTok with your Facebook, Gmail, or Twitter accounts or you can create a standard TikTok account.

Editing Your TikTok Profile:

Editing Your TikTok Profile

You can edit your TikTok profile easily.

  • Simply go to your home page
  • Tap on the icon on the right corner
  • Choose the Edit Profile Button and upload a new photo or video here
  • You can link your TikTok profile with your Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter profiles

Here, you will see your profile picture, followers, likes, or all your posted videos.

However, TikTok is a public platform and anyone can see your profile, posts, or videos. TikTok updates new privacy policies for its users who don’t want to share their profile pictures, and videos with others. Even at the time of posting videos, you can set individual video’s privacy.

Discovering More Videos:

TikTok helps you to discover other video content. You will find 5 options at the bottom of the app:

  • Discover
  • Home
  • A plus sign
  • Inbox
  • Profile

The home icon is made for the main page with the Following feeds. Users can also make live videos on this app. By tapping the live option, you will enter the world of live video where you can make your live videos easily.

Want to see trending hashtags’ sound effects, then you must click on the Discover button. This option shows the ongoing and upcoming Challenges of TikTok. The inbox option helps you to send messages privately or publicly on this platform.

Filming TikTok Videos:

If you don’t know how to start TikTok videos, then the app guides you giving different choices that help to make your videos as you want. You can make a 15sec, 60sec, or 3-minute video. To make your videos more interesting, you can use different templates on this social media platform.

To increase your video experience, there are different options you will find on this platform:

  • Speed: You can adjust the video speed according to your choice which means you can increase or decrease your video speed the way you want.
  • Filters: TikTok has a wide range of filters. You can choose any filter for your video.
  • Beauty: In this section, you can adjust your face shape, correct skin blemishes, or apply makeup using an AR filter
  • Timer: This facility is quite helpful for users for the auto-record countdown to help you film hands-free.

Using Music and Effects:

How to TikTok? Using different music by lip sync or dancing, you can make your TikTok video more entertaining to attract viewers towards you. This strategy helps users to become viral in the TikTok world.

However, you can’t edit the TikTok sound because it doesn’t consist of full-length songs. TikTok has short-length sounds which can’t be edited at all.

Editing Your Video:

Once you record your video, you can make final edits before uploading. Here are different options TikTok provides to make different editing in your videos:

  • Adjust the clips’ length of your video
  • apply voice effects on a voice-over
  • Add text overlays, stickers, and more effects
  • Apply filters

Joining TikTok Challenges:

TikTok has designed an interesting activity for its users. It offers the facility to its users to create or participate in different challenges. The purpose of this activity is to unite the TikTok community.

These challenges teach you how to use TikTok to create different tasks. Remember these challenges can be brand-sponsored or organic.

Brands use challenges as the marketing campaign to advertise their brands. They offer winning prizes to the challenge winners.

The purpose of an organic challenge is to organize fun activities with friends. This action of organizing or taking part in organic challenges provides exposure to your videos in the global which helps to increase your fame.

Earning In TikTok:

TikTok is an earning platform. When your videos reach over 100,000 authentic video views within 30 days, you can participate in TikTok funds. Here are some ways you can earn on TikTok:

  • First, join the TikTok’s Creator Marketplace and TikTok Creator Fund
  • Now create sponsored content
  • Become a brand ambassador
  • Sell influencer merchandise
  • Accept virtual gifts
  • Place affiliate links

Growing Your TikTok Audience:

To grow your TikTok audience is very important if you want to use it for earning purposes. Here you will see how to work TikTok to gain more audience. TikTok’s algorithm is helpful for your videos to be discovered quickly which helps get more followers.

  • Understand your target audience first
  • Never miss a TikTok trend
  • Create and join TikTok challenges
  • Try to collaborate with other TikTok influencers
  • Choose the right time to post videos regularly
  • Use the hashtags in your videos

When you want to expand your social network, you are suggested to use this platform as it guides you step-by-step procedure to expand your social network.

Remember, if you want success, then you must use this app consistently. Consistency is the main factor in building more audience. If you don’t post videos regularly then your videos may get lost in the feed.

Additional Tips to Become a TikTok Pro User:

Here are some extra tips for becoming a TikTok pro user in no time:

  • Upload videos recorded outside TikTok
  • Create engaging photo slideshows using Templates
  • Delete Your TikTok Videos
  • Create GIFs from Any TikTok Video
  • Share your Profile using your TikTok QR Code

Final Thoughts:

If you want to explore the social media world, then you must choose this app because it helps you to access the world by collaborating with different brands, influencers, etc. This helps to make your own identity.

Tiktok is releasing different features which captivate the user’s attention easily. These features help users discover how to TikTok to maintain their social identity. These guides help to create more informative as well as entertaining content which as a result will make you a TikTok star.


How Do You Use TikTok Step-by-Step?

  • Download the app first from Google Play Store
  • Create your TikTok account.
  • Like or comment the TikTok users by Browsing their videos
  • Identify your content strategy or target audience
  • Use your phone to record your videos or TikTok’s native recorder
  • Edit your videos using TikTok’s editing tools
  • Use the right hashtags in captions
  • Post your video
  • Cross-share your video on other social media platforms

Can You Stitch a TikTok With a Video From a Camera Roll?

No, TikTok doesn’t allow you to use previous videos from your phone gallery. You can only use a recorded video shot with the TikTok camera to stitch.

What Is the Best Hashtag to See on TikTok?

Using the right hashtags is very important for your TikTok account. Using hashtags is a strategy that explains how to use TikTok to grow your views.

Here are the best practices when using hashtags in TikTok:

  • Use content-relevant hashtags
  • Mix the high or low hashtags
  • Stay updated about trends to use the relevant trends in your content

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